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Jim Hrubik is a 62 year old State Certified Real Estate Appraiser who was born in Akron and grew up in Copley.  Currently residing in Norton, he and his wife of 38 years, Violet, have passed on to their seven children and eight grandchildren the ideals of honesty, loyalty, and sacrifice for the sake of principle. With both BA and MA degrees in Secondary Education from the University of Akron, his classroom experience as a teacher of science and math began in Grafton, in Lorain County.  His instructional skills were broadened when he worked for three years in a cross-cultural environment at a remote Native American school in northern Canada.


Jim's final five years in secondary education were spent as an educational supervisor in a parochial school.  As an adult educator, he has taught college level appraisal courses and served as a continuing education auditor for the Akron Area Board of Realtors. Firmly believing that parents have the ultimate responsibility and rights regarding their childrens' education, he has been a proponent of funding education through vouchers in the form of scholarships usable in either public or private educational settings.  Jim sees the pinnacle of educational professionalism as the educator in private practice, in the same way other professions are structured.  After leaving the formal education field, Jim obtained his Ohio Real Estate Sales license, which he maintains to this day.


In 1986 he started a residential construction company, employing and meeting payroll for up to a dozen workers, which he owned and managed until 1997 when he passed the company on to others.  In 1998, after over a decade of study and appraisal practice, Jim took the State exam and became certified as a residential appraiser.  He is currently working on and accumulating non-residential experience toward general appraisal certification.  Jim's background in these areas has provided Jim with an understanding of the issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs under a government system which has become increasingly hostile to the very people who provide the engine of growth for our economy.


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